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    Keno is a casino game of chance with a rich and acclaimed history. The game that we are familiar with has experienced remarkable changes since its initial inception. Gambling historians have followed its history as far back as 200 B.C. to a Chinese type of amusement referred to as ‘The Game of the White Dove.’ It is a well-documented certainty that a variation of keno was played in a bingo-like configuration on the eastern seaboard right about the time of the huge Chinese arrival at the time of the gold rush.

    In its current form, keno is a bit like bingo in that the pair of games are based upon numbers. A single keno card comes with 80 numbers and the player will select as many as he or she wants. This is completed by marking them using a pencil. Once the bettor has picked the numbers, he or she must take the card back to the person at the keno stand. The cashier will then provide a ticket after recording the player’s numbers. It’s the responsibility of the player to trade in any winning card before the the next round starts, so stragglers must remain alert.

    Now that we’ve reviewed some of of keno’s captivating history and basics of game play, you’re most likely chomping at the bit to find out where you can bet on keno online. And that is just a reasonable thing for an avid keno gambler. To be sure, you have a great many choices to pick from when it is time for some serious web keno fun with all the fervor you expect.

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